Daily Affirmations

Many times, comedians get in their own way by worrying too much about external circumstances. So whether you use these as daily affirmations or just as motivation when you’re feeling doubt, these might help you deal with the sine curve of your career.

You are the only thing in your way. The industry is not prejudiced against X group, and no one is out to get you. Work harder, learn more, and you will advance.

What other comedians achieve does not affect you. Comedy is not a zero-sum game. Opportunities are constantly changing and new clubs, new tv networks, and new mediums spring up every year. The success of another comedian should not frustrate you any more than the success of a doctor or an insurance agent. Your career is completely independent of theirs. As Joan Rivers said, “run your own race, put on your blinders.”

No one makes it overnight. The “big break” is a myth. Your career will be a series of breaks, some bigger than others. When you move to the next level, use it to keep climbing the staircase.

The “industry” does not think with a singular mind. For every one that rejects you, someone across the street disagrees with them.

As Steve Martin said, “Be so good they can’t ignore you.” If you are regularly the best comedian on the show, people will notice. If you’re not, work on getting better.

If the industry doesn’t open its doors, break them open. You don’t need a television executive or an agent to anoint you. If you have enough fans, everyone will anoint you. Concentrate on impressing the ticket buyers, not the ticket sellers.

Everyone with talent, work ethic, and priorities eventually makes it. Some very talented comedians choose family, partying, or living in a remote location over their careers. Other very talented comedians are assholes who alienate people away from working with them. And some simply take longer than others. But if you’re talented, driven, a nice person, professional and willing to prioritize your career, you will eventually be successful.