The Mission of Comedy Pro-Tips is to build a better comedy community. By providing advice, best practices, and general information, we hope to help comedians learn from our mistakes.

The Founder of Comedy Pro-Tips is Steve Hofstetter, a comedian and producer with experience in all facets of the business. Hofstetter earned his stripes in New York City passing out flyers in exchange for stage time and living in his car for a year on the road. His success comes on stage as a comedian with over 3,000 live shows, on camera with his own show for FOX Television Group, on the books as an owner of multiple comedy clubs, and on social media with over 25 million views on YouTube.

The Hope of Comedy Pro-Tips is two-fold. 1) Encouraging the community to learn from each other will lead to greater collaboration and a more supportive environment. 2) Helping comedians get better faster will lead to a more streamlined and more effective comedy industry.

The Charity Comedy Pro-Tips supports is The Martin Grant, a grant named after Hofstetter’s father that is awarded to a deserving up-and-coming comedian in order to help them get to the next level of their career.



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