Everything You Need to Know About YouTube Keywords

Whether you’re posting clips of your stand-up, a web series, vlogs, or any other content, YouTube is a wonderful way for comedians to reach a new audience. But how do you break through the clutter of the billions of videos available? Simple. You learn how the system works. 1) There are three places the YouTubeRead more

How To Use Twitter Hashtag Games to Take Over the World

Anyone on twitter has seen comedians play hashtag games. Many come from @Midnight, others come from promotional companies, and some are spontaneous. But all of them can help you as a comedian. Hashtag games help you sharpen your skills and get exposure, and I recommend you play them at least once a week, if notRead more

How to Get Your Own Show Started

The reasons to produce your own show are plentiful. It’s good comedy karma to create stage time. It’s a way to meet a ton of comedians, quickly. It’s a way to learn what energy level is best for what situation. It’s a way to better understand what bookers are looking for. Most importantly, you canRead more