Advice for the Open Mic-er Who Tried to Pass Off One of My Jokes as His Own

1) If you’re going to steal a joke, start with a bit that wasn’t on the front page of reddit 2) Don’t recite the bit word for word. Throw in the occasional “Am I right?” and “I’m telling you!” so it sounds as hacky as the rest of your material. Be true to your voice.Read more

How to Get Your Own Show Started

The reasons to produce your own show are plentiful. It’s good comedy karma to create stage time. It’s a way to meet a ton of comedians, quickly. It’s a way to learn what energy level is best for what situation. It’s a way to better understand what bookers are looking for. Most importantly, you canRead more

Writing Methods to Beat Writer’s Block

Everyone writes differently. Some people sit down and force themselves to write, while others only write by riffing on stage. Most of us are somewhere in between. However you write, we’ve all had a desire to come up with something new, only to draw a complete blank. Here are a few methods I have heardRead more

The Perfect Promo Video

Hi everyone! I’ve been going over a lot of videos lately, and notice some common mistakes. Hope this helps you get the perfect promo video. 1) Start with you. Not someone introducing you, but you. Don’t waste a booker’s time having them wait through an introduction. No need for fancy graphics either, get to theRead more

The Most Delusional Club Submission I’ve Ever Seen

I thought you would benefit from/enjoy this moment in abject delusion. Makes me wonder if this sort of thing happens in the non-entertainment world. While logged into the Morty’s Facebook profile, here’s a chat I had. Normally, I’d have cut it off sooner, but this was too interesting. HIM i have a hot act -greatRead more

Respecting the Light is the Most Important Thing You Can Do as a Comedian

I know it seems obvious. Most comics know that this is the most obvious thing in comedy. But those that do not, well, they REALLY do not. The light tells you when your shift is over, and you NEED to respect that. Running the light is the quickest way to never get booked again. SomeRead more

Ten Things That Make a Good Website for a Comedian

1) The most professional URL is your name dot com. If its a hard to spell name, have something easy that forwards to it that you can drop on the radio or tell people quickly. i.e. My website is but forwards to it. Never go with a .net or .tv or anything likeRead more

The case against having the word “comedian” in your Facebook name.

This is one might be sensitive – the case against having the word “comedian” (or something similar) in your Facebook name. This post comes from my having three different conversations this week (one with a comic, two with bookers) where they all, unprovoked, disparagingly said something like “some comedian whose facebook name is ‘comedian’” You’veRead more