The case against having the word “comedian” in your Facebook name.

This is one might be sensitive – the case against having the word “comedian” (or something similar) in your Facebook name.

This post comes from my having three different conversations this week (one with a comic, two with bookers) where they all, unprovoked, disparagingly said something like “some comedian whose facebook name is ‘comedian'”

You’ve heard the phrase “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” The same applies to social media. Do you think there’d ever be a facebook profile for “Comedian Louis CK”? Or would he just confidently accept that people know he’s a comedian? Having to remind people that you’re a comedian constantly hints at, whether its true or not, a lack of confidence in your abilities. Imagine how silly it would be to see a profile “Dentist John Smith” or “Jane Doe ThePlaticSurgeon”. It’d smack of a bus stop ad or a late night infomercial. It’d come off as desperate. It’s the same as needing to turn EVERYTHING into a joke, or having a business card with a ton of slashes. “Actor/Writer/Comedian/Model/Rapper” etc. Just have enough confidence to let your work speak for itself. And occasionally, turn it off and be a person.

The first step to getting bookers to treat you like a professional comedian is to treat yourself like one.