Ten Things That Make a Good Website for a Comedian

1) The most professional URL is your name dot com. If its a hard to spell name, have something easy that forwards to it that you can drop on the radio or tell people quickly. i.e. My website is SteveHofstetter.com but PickSteve.com forwards to it. Never go with a .net or .tv or anything like that. You’ll spend the rest of your life correcting people.

2) If your name is not available, get creative without getting cutesy, and pick something that can last. Something like “TheOpenerWasFunny.com” is great – until you stop opening.

3) Your calendar should be on your website and be 100% accurate. If someone ever goes to a show to see you and you’re not there, you lose them forever. Also, don’t put shows up unless you want people to go to them. (i.e. playing an open mic? Then list it as such, or don’t list it).

4) You don’t need anything too fancy like SSL unless you’ve got a merchant processor to accept credit cards (which can be done easier using paypal). Also, steer clear of flash – search engines can’t index it.

5) Go for clean and easy to navigate over too much at once. You can’t copyright code, so feel free to get ideas from other sites.

6) There should be an email list signup ON EVERY PAGE. Every click, you risk losing someone. Make it easy for them to be a fan.

7) Keep colors and design consistent. Also have it match your other promo materials.

8) There should be an easy “Book” button with booking encouragement. On your booking page, I’d recommend quotes from people who have booked you in the past, other comics, etc. And video!

9) Are you featuring or headlining? Then you need some easy to access, high res photos for media and bookers to use. Make them easy to find.

10) Do not, under any circumstances, cheap out. Or hire someone that you need to update your website for you. If you’re not web savvy, they need to build you a backend to make updating your content easy. I have heard way too many stories about how someone’s web guy “disappeared” and now their site is being held hostage.




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