The Most Delusional Club Submission I’ve Ever Seen

I thought you would benefit from/enjoy this moment in abject delusion. Makes me wonder if this sort of thing happens in the non-entertainment world.

While logged into the Morty’s Facebook profile, here’s a chat I had. Normally, I’d have cut it off sooner, but this was too interesting.


i have a hot act -great demographics

i am the mexican american comedian (NAME REMOVED)

i headline for 1300 a week

let me know


We don’t book via facebook

Nor do we talk money before we see someone’s video

Nor do we pay someone we’ve never heard of $450 a night.

good luck


ok i will send one out-thank you


i am keeping a low profile because i am doing a lot of shows at fraternal groups and benefits-and i have a hot hot theme-and i dont want anyone to water it down-but i do understand


Our submission process is on our website

Customers don’t buy tickets to see people with a low profile


my two word catch phrase alone-brings them in

i am leading a hot trend

and it is the right people

everyone wants to be a part of this


Everyone, huh?


well young 14-35 year old mexican american females and the men who love them especially

also Jewish -chinese-Indian to a lesser extent


so you’ll draw in all the Mexican poulation that live in the suburbs of Indianapolis?

And the Jewish people will flock to see you because you’re Mexican as well?


especiallu the upwardly mobile


The upwardly mobile Indianapolis Mexicans.


no-because i talk about frieda -diego riveria-i move to simplistic and self limiting stances with anticipation-the third generation ones-yes this is not really blue collar comedy tour-not big numbers-more like really rich people-maybe it is not a fit

maybe i am thinking more like chicago

but thanks for listening

but everybody loves my show-i can send you referrals from groups that have had me

i do DIFFERENT things


You discuss Mexican painters

Well – feel free to submit. I can not wait to see 45 minutes of material on Frida Kahlo.