No, Your Joke Wasn’t Stolen

Ever since Joe Rogan outed Carlos Mencia as a joke thief, the internet has been looking for their next victim. I am an outspoken critic of comedians (and civilians) who steal intellectual property and pass it off as their own. However, while joke thieves do exist and need to be dealt with accordingly (Like JoshRead more

How To Use Twitter Hashtag Games to Take Over the World

Anyone on twitter has seen comedians play hashtag games. Many come from @Midnight, others come from promotional companies, and some are spontaneous. But all of them can help you as a comedian. Hashtag games help you sharpen your skills and get exposure, and I recommend you play them at least once a week, if notRead more

Advice for the Open Mic-er Who Tried to Pass Off One of My Jokes as His Own

1) If you’re going to steal a joke, start with a bit that wasn’t on the front page of reddit 2) Don’t recite the bit word for word. Throw in the occasional “Am I right?” and “I’m telling you!” so it sounds as hacky as the rest of your material. Be true to your voice.Read more

Writing Methods to Beat Writer’s Block

Everyone writes differently. Some people sit down and force themselves to write, while others only write by riffing on stage. Most of us are somewhere in between. However you write, we’ve all had a desire to come up with something new, only to draw a complete blank. Here are a few methods I have heardRead more